5 Tips For Dating Someone With Herpes

Experts suggest that 1 in 6 adolescents and adults have Herpes, many without even knowing that they have this STD. This means that your chances of dating someone with Herpes is much higher than you may think. So what can you do if you meet someone with Herpes, actually like them and want to date them? Is there anyway you can reduce your risks of contracting herpes yourself if you are dating someone with herpes? Herpes dating is not that uncommon and here are 5 tips that can help you when dating someone with Herpes.


1. Learn About Herpes – Many people who know they have herpes tell a new person they are dating on the first or second date since they are unwilling to waste time on someone who is not interested or afraid of dating them. Listen to your date with an open heart and let them know how much you appreciate them telling you about their condition. Then if you are interested in continuing to date start learning everything you can about herpes so you understand as much as possible about this STD.

2. Make Sure Your Date is On Medication – While herpes is incurable medication can help to reduce the number of breakouts and lower the chances of transmitting the disease to you. Topical medications helps to heal breakouts faster while daily antiviral medications work to reduce the number of breakouts from occurring in the first place.

3. Get Tested – When you are ready to become intimate with someone with herpes you should get tested in order to check on your own health and then continue to get tested periodically from then on. While being tested won’t prevent you from getting herpes, it can let you know if your contact this STD so that you can deal with it before symptoms appear.

4. Avoid Sexual Contact During The Herpes Cycle – This includes before, during and right after a herpes breakout. Keeping communications open so that your partner with herpes feels comfortable telling you when they feel a breakout coming on is important, so is being able to understand that intimacy is more than just sex and if you truly love someone with herpes you must also be willing to deal with the inconvenience and risks a breakout can cause.

5. Use Protection – If you use protection when having sex with someone with herpes, avoid physical intimacy during a herpes cycle and make sure that your partner is taking medication to help treat their herpes, you can reduce your chances of catching this STD to only about 3%.
In addition if you are suffering from herpes and don’t want to expose someone who does not have this condition to the potential of catching this STD you can choose to meet people to date on any of the Herpes dating sites that are online.

In either case, dating someone with herpes is not the end of the world and with a little education and care a great relationship can be formed and flourish.

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