6 Best Herpes Dating Sites for HSV Singles

Do you have herpes, and you don’t know how to find a date? Having herpes can make it difficult for HSV singles to find someone they can spend time with without any worries. But never fear! There are several websites made specifically with these people in mind. These sites are available for people with herpes, or even some other STDs, to find love and acceptance without any kind of discrimination.

With many different features that make these websites unique, you can feel reassured that there is a supportive community of people similar to you. Some have apps for smartphones, some have forums for you to discuss with other positives and find support, and some even have professional help to guide you through your dating experience. Several of these sites support STDs other than herpes, so no matter what you have, you are sure to find an inclusive community that can help you feel safe. Here are the top 6 herpes dating sites that are guaranteed to help you find love and acceptance.

#1: MPWH.com

If you are looking specifically for others with herpes, then MPWH is for you. MPWH stands for “Meet People With Herpes.” On their website, they state that they are “The No. 1 & Original Herpes Dating Community for HSV Singles.” While Positive Singles gives you multiple STD communities, MPWH specializes in herpes. Their system is very similar to Positive Singles, as they are both run by SuccessfulMatch.com. They’re not just a website, but they also have an Android app and an iOS app coming soon!


The website has a clean design and is simpler than its sister site, Positive Singles. You can find people to meet or date anywhere in the world, no matter where you live. They have an inclusive and warm community that does not discriminate against anyone. They focus exclusively on the herpes dating community, so this may be a special place for anyone with HSV. They feature blogs and forums where anyone can write about their experiences, get advice, talk about sexual health, get tips for dating, and more! It looks like a great place to find a supportive community for people with herpes.

MPWH makes privacy concerns a priority. They ensure members that their details are anonymous, unless they want to tell someone a bit more about themselves. They don’t need to provide any more details about themselves than they want. It’s free to join and become a Standard Member. This includes the ability to join in on the forums and blogs, but also to respond to messages and send winks to prospective matches. To be able to send the first message to someone, you have to become a Premium Member. Premium Membership is $29.95 US per month or $143.95 US for an entire year.

With a warm community at MPWH focused entirely on those with herpes, there is no doubt that a connection can be made with someone.

What’s great about it: Like Positive Singles, but it’s a more exclusive membership: HSV singles.

What’s not so great: Like other most other websites, you have to be a paid member to use all features.

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#2: PositiveSingles.com

With more than 1.6 million registered members, Positive Singles states that it is “The Largest Confidential Herpes & STD Dating and Support Community Since 2001.” They have a very active community with more than 2.5 million new conversations every month and more than 20,000 monthly blog posts. Not only is it available on the website, but they have apps for iOS and Android users, as well.

positive singles

Their website is well-designed and easy to navigate. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, there’s a community available through Positive Singles for any country. As they say on their website, they have many unique features. This includes some of the biggest STD blogs, an online chat room, a live dating advisor you can speak with to get help with your romance life, inspiring treatment stories, a live counselor to speak with about STDs, and even a comprehensive list of STD care locations. There is a lot of information about STDs, dating, and more! Not only do they offer help on dating for HSV singles, but also for those with HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, and more. It appears to be a very inclusive community for anyone who needs help with dating and STDs. Keep in mind that it’s not just for dating, but also for finding friends, getting advice, and finding a community.

Positive Singles ensures privacy for those who are worried. No one is required to give any information they don’t want to. If you find someone you’re interested in, then it’s up to you to decide how much you want to tell them. While it is free to join, there is a Premium Membership level. Standard Members can receive and respond to messages, as well as send Winks to those they are interested in. But to initiate contact, you need to be a Premium Member. A Premium Membership costs $29.95 US per month or $143.95 US for a yearly membership.
With a large, diverse community, there is no doubt that you can find someone to date, and possibly even spend the rest of your life with on Positive Singles.

What’s great about it: The sheer number of services available! There’s so much to do.

What’s not so great: Only paid members can initiate contact, but this is an industry standard.

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#3: HSVSingles.com

HSV Singles is another site that is designed specifically for people with herpes. On their website, they state that they are the “#1 Dating Site for HSV Singles.” They have a simple 4 step signup right on the main page. This website is fully dedicated to helping people with herpes to find a date or romance. It’s only available on the website, so there are no iOS or Android apps.

hsv singles

The website is easy to navigate, with all the features available once you’ve signed up. Not American? Don’t worry! People from all over the world can join and become members! You can find someone from your part of the world. But keep in mind that this is only for those with herpes, not other STDs. Some of their features include a blog, instant messaging, and even video chat! But this is not a place to find sex, and they do not tolerate nudity on the site. They also have a feature called Rapid Match, where singles are displayed in your area and you can like those who you’re interested in. It’s free! They also have a Facebook group, Twitter, and even a YouTube channel!

If you’re not interested in someone, you can ensure that they can’t contact you. You can choose who you want to communicate with, as well as how much you want to tell them. HSV Singles takes privacy seriously. It’s free to become a basic member, which will allow you to receive messages, send flirts, and chat via IM. But some people will opt out of IM if they’re not interested in chatting while they’re online. If you want to be able to send messages and join in on video chat, then you need to become a full member. Full membership is $34.95 US per month or $99.95 US for the entire year.

HSV Singles is an inclusive community for those with herpes, and there are thousands of open-minded people waiting to meet you! While it doesn’t have as many features as #1 on our list, it does offer video chat, which sets it apart.

What’s great about it: This website has video chat! You can see and talk to your match face to face.

What’s not so great: To access all features, you need to pay, and there are no smartphone apps.

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#4: MeetPositives.com

Meet Positives is designed for anyone who has STDs, not just herpes. Whatever you may have, you can find someone here. They say that they are the “#1 STD Dating Website” where you can “Meet Positive Singles & Community Support.” They have an in-depth profile system that allows you to find exactly what you want in a date without the embarrassment of having the talk. You can only find singles through the website because they don’t have iOS and Android apps.

meet positives

The website is easy to use with an intuitive interface. It is organised well, with everything you need in one place. Their service is available all over the world, so you can find someone in your area! They have a blog, a welcoming community to join, online dating tips, and even online safety tips. On this website, you have the ability to join even more specific communities, dedicated to hepatitis, HIV, HPV, HSV, and gay positive singles. These communities are more suited to help you with whatever you need. Staff monitors their community forum from 9 to 5, but they also have 24/7 customer support that responds to emails.

They take privacy seriously at Meet Positives. You can be assured that your details are kept private, and that you do not have to give out any more information about yourself than you feel comfortable doing. It’s free to become a basic member, where you can receive messages, participate in the forums, and let others know that you’re interested. Upgrading to the Premium Membership plan allows you to send messages to those you are interested in. It costs $45.95 US per month for a Premium plan, or you can pay $215.40 US for an entire year. There are even coupons available for other deals!

Meet Positives is a supportive community that can help you find a date in any STD community. What sets them apart is that they have dedicated support groups for different communities, including HIV, HPV, hepatitis, and gay positives!

What’s great about it: They offer more focused support communities for HIV, HPV, hepatitis, HSV, and gay positives.

What’s not so great: It’s the most expensive choice of all of these websites.

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#5: HWerks.com

So far, we have seen dating sites that allow you to join for free and be able to receive messages from paying members. This site is different. This one is more exclusive. No lurkers, only paying members. Here, you can find a date, someone to spend time with, as well as get support from others who have herpes. Those with HPV are also welcome here! But it also provides you with a network and community.


There are some interesting services that are different than what other websites provide. At HWerks, you can not only find a match, but also participate in chats and forums. The forum is very active, and the chat even has a weekly Meet and Greet! There’s a secret Facebook group that only members can join. Not only that, they provide information about local and national events. However, they focus only on the United States and Canada. You can also find social and support groups, as well as information about herpes.

What sets HWerks apart is that it’s members only. Privacy concerns are less of a problem, as you can’t just sign up as a free member to lurk and check out profiles. You need to pay to be a member! But they are serious about privacy. As with any other site, you don’t have to share what you don’t want to. Some people aren’t ready for dating, and are simply there to find support from a welcoming community. This website does not have a monthly payment plan. They don’t even have a yearly plan. You pay one time only for a lifetime access! It will cost a member $56 US for the rest of their life, no recurring payments.

For something a bit different than the usual dating website, HWerks has given HSV singles something else to consider with its member only scheme and unique services.

What’s great about it: While it is paid only, it’s a one time payment that’s quite affordable!

What’s not so great: You can’t just try it out for free.

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#6: HerpesPassions.com

Not willing to pay for a chance to date? Do you want it all for free? Well, Herpes Passions is “100% Free Herpes Dating, Herpes Personals & Chat.” This site is free, but you also have the option of joining other websites within their network to expand your chances of a match. But first, you must be a member of Herpes Passions to do so.

herpes passions

There are a lot of activities and resources available on Herpes Passions. First and foremost are the groups where you can find others like yourself, post personal ads, and find a date. There are forums and blogs that you can join, as well as online chat and even webcam chat. There are resources where you can find information on herpes books, herpes websites, videos, and even video games. The video games are not related to herpes, but you may find those with herpes to play online with you. To access any of the services, you must become a member. But to access the resources, there’s no need to join.

Privacy may be more of a concern with Herpes Passions, as it is free to join. But as you must become a member to contact anyone, and you will only be allowed to send messages after a 24 hour period to weed out the spam and fake accounts. As it is free to join, all services are free for anyone to use. This includes sending and receiving emails, sending virtual gifts, chat, and more! It looks like a combination of dating website, personal ad service, and social media service. Because it is free, you will find ads all over the place. It’s not as pretty a website as the others on this list, but that’s what you get for a service that has absolutely no cost to its members. Just make sure to keep your information as private as you like.

Herpes Passions looks like a website that provides some fun things for members to do. It seems more casual and friendly. But with any free service, there’s bound to be some unscrupulous characters around. Just be careful and there should be no problems.

What’s great about it: It’s absolutely free!

What’s not so great: Privacy concerns may be an issue with this website, as there’s no stopping shady lurkers from joining.
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In the end, you have several different options to choose from. Do you want to pay or a membership, or do you want it all for free? Four of the websites have both free and paid memberships, while the last two are either paid only or free only. Two of the websites include people with other STDs, while the other four are herpes-only. Each one has unique services to offer. You just need to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget. If you’re just looking for support, you can find it with these websites. As with all online dating services, privacy and safety are a concern. Each of these websites has privacy policies, but it is up to the member to decide how much they want to reveal about themselves on each platform. But most of all, these websites provide a service that takes the worry and embarrassment out of dating for HSV singles. No longer do you need to have that important talk about herpes. Now you can go into dating with an open mind and find accepting and welcoming people. Check out these websites before joining to see which one is best for you. Good luck with your romantic life!

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