HSV Singles Review

HSV singles can easily be counted among the most preferred dating and support sites for people with HSV who are looking for a partner. The dating site is provided with quite a lot of appealing features that make it an interesting choice. To top it, it is cost effective as well.

You are offered a one-year subscription plan on the site which makes it a suitable choice for all those who are looking to ensure that they do not rush into anything and want to take their time to know someone. One would not have to go through the hassles of renewing membership ever so often with this site. Let us take a look at the various aspects associated with this HSV dating site to make it easier for you to decide if it is the right platform for you.

hsv singles

The signing up process

It would not take you long to sign up with this site. A minute would suffice for the purpose. The necessary information, including details like name, date of birth, email ID, and password, has to be provided. You also need to give a brief description of what type of person you are looking for along with a little personal insight of your own self. The description is then verified. Therefore, ensure that you describe yourself in the best possible manner.

You are also provided with an option of signing up on the HSV singles site free of cost at the bottom of the form. If you do not wish to avail this option, leave it unchecked, and you will be directed to the page of membership price.no signing up will be required for using the HSV dating site at this point. All that is needed is a click on the logo featured on the top left side of the screen following which you can acquire access to the member’s area.

More details are asked when you become a member. Once you are a member, you will update your profile and can also add a photo and other information to make it easier to find a compatible partner.


Signing up on this dating site is free, and you can also use the basic features with ease. You have the option of going for a paid membership only when you are seriously looking for someone. The extra features that come with paid membership will then come in handy.

A unique feature of HSV singles is that you get a choice between a month, three months and one year of subscription, all of which are recurring. Thus, as your subscription nears its end, you are rebilled automatically for the same plan unless you cancel it. While a month of subscription costs you around $24.99, three months can be availed at the rate of $16.66 monthly. The yearly subscription costs about $7.49 monthly.

Thus, it is apparent that you save a significant amount on your monthly payments if you opt for a membership for one year. Therefore, if you are serious about using the platform to find a suitable and compatible partner, the one-year plan will prove to be the best option.

The features to look out for

The site features a “send flirt” option using which you can leave a quick note under the profile picture of someone you find interesting using some one-liners. This offers you a swift and straightforward way of letting the other person know about your interest without having to find the right words for it.

The Rapid Match is another useful feature of this HSV Dating site. Using the feature, you can tell people directly who would you like to meet as you click on the options of “yes”, “no” and “maybe” under their profile. They can then let you know if they are interested by doing the same with your profile picture. This enables you to find a match quickly. Furthermore, it also makes it more comfortable to reach out and talk to the members since you know that they are interested in you. Thus, it becomes quite simpler to break the ice.

You will also find the feature of instant chat to be quite interesting. This feature enables the members to connect with each other. Those who like the idea of chatting with a number of people instead of having a one-to-one interaction can use the chat room for the purpose. The site has an audio and video chat room, thereby allowing you to get to know other members in a casual environment.

The issue of safety

One of the primary concerns that people have when it comes to dating sites is safety. You can breathe easy when it comes to HSV Singles in this regard. The site values the privacy of the members, and thus, you can be assured that your information would never be sold.

While the HSV Dating platform does not have any kind of screening for the members, it is provided with quite a lot of safety tips. You can take a look at them to make sure that your safety is never compromised. It is advisable to keep your personal information private and take time to trust someone to share your personal details.

Some cons

There is no denying that HSV singles have quite a lot of appealing features. However, improvement is warranted in some areas to make it an even better platform. For one thing, the unpaid members do not have a clear idea about the features they are missing out on by not signing up for a paid membership. Perhaps it would work better if they could get some information and preview about the membership features which will make it easier for them to decide if it is worth it.


A lot of factors put up a compelling case in favor of this dating site. Firstly, it is provided with quite a user-friendly search. Thus, you can navigate through the site to find what you are looking for with ease. Search via basic stats, search by new members and searching online members are some of the options that you have.

Furthermore, you also get to click on the profile of the members while searching. This allows you to take a look at their necessary information to find out if they are a suitable match for you. You can even see the photos they have posted. You can also determine when was the last time a particular member logged into the site. This makes it easier for you to determine who are the active members of the group.

If you come across someone who you find interesting in your searches, you get the option of adding them in your favorite list or black book. You can also drop a message and flirt with them provided that you are a paid member of the site.

One of the significant benefits of the HSV singles is that the site is devoted to Herpes. Thus, all the members are sympathetic to the situation. It becomes easier to find a support system at such a place which makes it easier for you to cope with the situation. Furthermore, you will find a box “Our Friends” at the left sidebar on the bottom of the page. This contains links to places where you can find support for Herpes Singles. You can use this feature for expanding your social circle.

The Design of the site

HSV Dating site has been designed to provide optimal ease and feasibility to the users. Thus, you will find that navigating through it is a breeze. Everything is organized, and you would not have to face a lot of trouble to search for something. There is more; whenever you would refresh a page, you will find a suggestion of what to do next beneath your picture. This allows you to make your time optimally productive. The feature can also be used to make your profile attractive for the other members.

Customer support service

It is always appealing to have a customer support service which is competent and helpful. HSV Singles does not let you down in this regard. The site features a FAQ section which is quite extensive and covers most of the points. You will likely find answers to the questions you are looking for in the section. You can also find their Contact us Link easily in the footer menu. They also offer you the option of chatting. For this, you can access the Contact us page and make sure that the live chat is online. Clicking on the start chat option will then allow you to converse with the staff.

Final words

HSV Singles undoubtedly has quite a lot to offer. It is provided with impressive features and makes it a whole lot easier to find suitable partners. Furthermore, it is affordable, as well. With this site, you have more chances of finding suitable matches and within a short span. If you genuinely want to find a compatible partner, you will find this site to be worth a shot.

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