Meet Positives Review

Do you suffer from a known sexually transmitted disease?

Are you embarrassed with the situation you are facing?

Do you have trouble meeting new people and telling them about your struggles?

Are you depressed and believe that you may not be able to find love interest in your life as a result of your problems?

Do people respond negatively when you talk to them about your problems?
Positive singles with sexually transmitted disease have a tough time finding a love interest that accepts them with their condition. Luckily, there is Meet Positives where impacted individuals can be open about their situation and meet people who are going through similar issues.

We live in a world where it is common to hide sexual condition before making an intimate commitment. Struggling individuals also conceal their problems to avoid embarrassment and possible rejection. However, when the issues are revealed – it is too usually very late to turn the clock back.

Meet Positives gives these individuals a chance to find a romantic possibility. Through this platform, they don’t have to hide their feelings, their struggles, or sexual problems. Here, they can move their relationship with a positive start – without any guilt, worry, or insecurity.

Never have the talk again!

We are all aware of the stigma attached with STDs. Those who face the problem are often judged and condemned by the members in our society. In fact, those struggling with the problem usually (if not always) receive a negative response when initiating any new venture – especially love or intimate relationship.

Yes, STDs are infections and they infect people regardless of their age, gender, race, religious or political preference. However, they are very common also and some types of STD infect more than half the sexually active population. But of course, they are not spread through normal physical contact. Nor is it any issue to be ashamed of.

Having STD does not mean the struggling individual should be left alone and single for all their life. Yes, it is a traumatic situation in many cases but it is also possible to date happily even with the issue.

Meet Positives aims to allow the struggling individuals to re-live their dating journey. The platform is exclusively open to members who have STDs or unique sexual preference and allows them to meetup with other individuals facing the same common issue – without having the talk again about their problems.

In simple words, you do not have to face the negativity surrounding STDs with Meet Positives, as there are other open-minded individuals with similar problems and are ready to meet you – regardless of the unique situation.

Sign up is simple and easy

Start now! Sign up is easy and free! Simply register with the website by entering your personal details, sexual condition, and location to find positive singles nearby or even internationally.

Besides the traditional information, Meet Positives allows the users to add short bio of themselves along with physical attributes, race, religious preferences, and even lifestyle information such as work details, smoking/drinking habits, and whether you have pets, etc.

You can also enter additional details such as your interests and preferences. This information will not only be helpful for automatic-generated matches but also when manual searches are made by other users registered on the platform.

To increase the chances of meeting the right single, the members can also post on My Blog. This feature allows the members to share their stories, how they became infected (if they are aware), their reactions, and other struggles they come across in their daily lives.

The feature also includes a Comments area where other members of the community can comment about you and share their common interests.

A My Activity option is also available where the members can see their online activities for the past days, weeks, and even months.

Profile photo uploads is also available. The users can also modify or delete their information if required.

Meet Positives offers more than the traditional dating app features
The creators behind Meet Positives agree that dating with STDs can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. Through their platform, they aim to create a space where individuals can freely express themselves.

Furthermore, the online dating service features advanced algorithms that are designed to match members with other users sharing the same interests. These ensure that the members generate matches in short period of time but cultivate long-term relationships.

Key features:

Launched in 2014, Meet Positives is one of the most popular website for STD dating. To ensure the privacy of the users, the website does not come with an app. however, it is mobile-friendly and interested users can utilize the app on any device including desktop, Android, and iOS.

Some other features of Meet Positives include:

  • Free and simple registration process
  • Ability to build profile for sharing with other members
  • Substantial membership base from global users – primarily the united states of America
  • The site also supports homosexual members
  • Includes advanced search options for those who are looking to connect with individuals with similar interests
  • Notification options through email, on-screen, and SMS are applicable on-demand for alerts of new matches, profile checks, messages, and official news from the website.
  • Support options also available for the struggling positive singles
  • A member stories feature where users can learn how other members overcame their difficulties and found success and even love
  • Includes safety tips for the members who are suffering from STDs
  • A personalized ad feature that helps members find compatible matches
  • Meet Positives aims to clear all misconceptions related to STDs and along with providing the user with the best online dating support – the website provides comprehensive information on how individuals can live a positive life with their issue.

Subscription Plans

Sign up on Meet Positives is free. However, premium membership plans are also available. These include:

  • Premium Membership – $10.95/per month
  • Great Savings – $19.95/per month
  • Popular Choice – $14.95/per month
  • Super Value – $10.95/per month

Check out their website for more subscription information and plans.

24/7 support team

Meet Positives provides complete support to the users by offering 24/7 email support. Apart from technical glitches, the customer support team is accessible to the users at all times to ensure that they re-start their dating journey with a positive mindset.

Privacy features of Meet Positives

The developers behind Meet Positives understand the vulnerability associated with STD dating. This is why they ensure enhanced privacy protocols to safeguard the private information of their members.

Their privacy settings ensure that all personal information added by the users are hidden from the non-members and search engines. The company also vows not to sell/share any private information of their users with third-party websites, apps, individuals, organizations, and services. The users of the network are also allowed to keep their photos and personal information private and share only with their ‘allowed’ contacts.

The website also includes an ‘anonymous’ calling feature where the members can talk to the people they are interested in without revealing their phone numbers. They can also block or report users who seem inappropriate for the platform. The website will also immediately ‘block’ and ‘delete’ the users who false fully claim to be STD-infected.

Above all, there is no download included and the members can use the platform from any device they own without the hassle of installing software.

Enhance your online dating security:

Meet Positives takes extensive measure when it comes to protecting the users and their privacy. However, as responsible internet users, make sure you:

  • Never share financial information with the other online daters
  • Meet in public for the first date
  • Do not share complete information about your location, work, and other personal details until you are comfortable enough
  • Make sure to log out of the website when using public or shared computers

No one is responsible for the predatory behavior exhibited by the other users. However, you can be careful by empowering yourself with safeguards and avoiding situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Additionally, show respect to the other users on the platform. Be mindful of their privacy, their time, and space. Always remember that you deserve the same and reciprocate similarly to the others as well.

Final Verdict

Amidst the plethora of STD dating websites, Meet Positives emerges as one of the best for offering a modern and comprehensive approach to the dating scenario. Being new on the online dating scene, the website is certainly picking up speed fast and making its space in the highly competitive marketplace.

It might not boast similar feature as others present in the industry, but the ones it includes are credible and enables the website to stand out amongst the others. Along with the mobile-optimized ability and the stunning layout, the website is a must try if you are positive singles looking for a partner facing with the same issue as you.

Give it a try and let us know your experience with Meet Positives. We assure you will not be disappointed!

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