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MPWH, which is an acronym for “Meet People with Herpes”, is the leading US-based Herpes dating community and app for HSV singles. The site is made to help HSV singles who are seeking an opportunity to find and meet like-minded people. It was always difficult for Herpes singles to find love and real connection, but with MPWH, dating has become a lot easier and simpler. The site also offers myriad of features designed to help HSV singles find their potential partners. While the free membership enables users to access most of the features, there are many who prefer upgrading to paid version to unravel numerous exceptional features. What’s more, MPWH provides a secure dating environment free from discrimination and fear.


Registration process

So, what does MPWH registration process look like? Well, signing up for MPWH is quite simple and streamlined process. The Herpes dating site takes pride in providing the best navigating tools which, in turn, allow users to enjoy their registration process. In fact, signing up and creating a profile on MPWH is only a matter of 15 minutes or less. The site will ask you for your gender identification, gender preference, age range of your potential partner, your disease, country and the state you are living in. Once this information is provided, users will be asked to enter a valid email address and choose an appropriate username to complete the profile. Make sure to choose a fun and expressive username.


The site offers five different packages to its users.

  1. Standard membership for $0.00
  2. 1 Month Gold membership for $19.95
  3. 3 Months Gold membership for $39.95 ($13.30/month)
  4. 6 Months Gold membership for $59.95 ($9.99/month)
  5. 12 Months Gold membership for $79.95 ($6.66/month)

The standard package is free of cost and allows users to access only limited features. To gain access to advanced features, you might want to subscribe yourself to paid plans. After all, a paid membership comes with variety of remarkable and convenient features which let you search your soul mate quickly and efficiently. The best part is you can remove your subscription from the paid package anytime you want to.

Privacy protection

MPWH is known for its secure environment. The website grants HSV singles with anonymity and privacy they expect from the platform. So far, no real concerns have been exposed. This is because the website uses latest industry standard to keep everything secure and confidential as much as possible. However, users should also take extra care of their private information and should avoid sending sensitive details through insecure emails. Privacy also depends on the way users disclose their information to others. So, use caution when meeting or talking to members on MPWH.

MPWH takes all the necessary steps to keep your information safe and keep your profile hidden from certain members. The site also enables blocking of any non-registered members viewing member’s profiles. MPWH offers its users a feature of Private Album which users can utilize to discretely store their images and share to selective members only. The best part is that the site doesn’t allow unwanted HSV singles from exploring your profile and photos. The site also takes pride in never disclosing, selling or renting any personal details to any third-party organizations.

Profile Authenticity

Profile Authenticity or verification is the most outstanding benefit you can get from While many dating sites have lost their credibility due to fake profiles and bots, there are some who maintain their reputation via their process of verification. The MPWH website takes necessary steps to verify their members. However, verification process is something which is not mandatory. A member can choose to get verified so that others can view them as real persons seeking for real relationship. Another most important benefit of getting verified is that your profile will emerge in searches faster than those who are non-verified. This advantage is something every dating site should look up to.


MPWH boasts about offering most attention-grabbing and unique features which ultimately makes it the perfect online Herpes dating platform.

Let’s meet

Let’s meet is the most prominent feature on this herpes dating community. This feature allows you to quickly go through array of member’s profiles and choose the ones you like. Let’s say, you like a certain profile, he or she will view your like and see if you interests them then he or she will reply back to you. In addition, the platform enables the members to upload several photos. This Tinder-style feature encourages users to enjoy swiping, and hence makes the process of finding and meeting a potential partner easier. This is how MPWH connects people of same mutual interest.


On the very left side of the main dashboard, there’s a box, which on selection will show you how many connections you have made so far. Also, it will let you know other details like which profile has liked you, or winked you or has added you as his/her favorite etc.


Users can also benefit from the standard searching tool. Via this tool, you can look for members and find the perfect match of your dreams. Do you have any particular requirements? If so, then you don’t have to spend your valuable time messaging to everybody in person. Instead, you can customize your searches to gauge which match you are more interested in dating. Even, you can also use additional filters like height, distance, photo, education, religion and so on. You can also search people through their user name.


Just like other dating sites, MPWH also offers the popular wink feature. As the name suggests, it is an instant way to let anyone know that you’re interested in. What makes MPWH standout from other platforms is that they have taken this wink feature a bit further by enabling members to select from a prearranged set of one liner to lead your wink. In result, this addition enhances the overall engaging experience for you and other members you like.

Profile Comments

As far as platform’s engaging power is involved, it enables users to write comment under other user’s profile pic. This way you can increase your visibility to larger audience. However, make sure to not to write any disrespectful comments.


MPWH provides its users the unique forum where members can discuss, argue and share a range of different topics. It is also a hub for all sorts of interaction with your fellow HSV members. Whether you want to meet new people, or socialize or just have a question in your mind, this feature comes in handy.

Temporary Profile Deactivation

Planning to go on a vacation? Well, you better use the feature of temporarily profile deactivation to avoid getting hundreds of notifications after you log back in. Unlikely other dating sites, MPWH allow users to reactivate their profile after a set period of time, which is quite unique.

Latest Activities

Latest activities are yet another useful feature that allows members to keep an eye on other’s profiles. It enables you to view things like the most recent uploaded images, last login, and the recent profile check.

Customer service offers a direct phone line that users can call 24/7 to seek professional support. It is unique for an online Herpes dating site. This 24/7 customer service allows users to receive feedback to any concerns or queries in no time. Additionally, the platform also includes an extensive FAQ section to help you with any questions you have in your mind. You can also send a message online to their team by clicking on “Contact Us” in the bottom of website.

MPWH is more than Just Dating

Not only it’s a credible source for finding romantic partners with Herpes, but it’s also a right place for friendships, community, various activities, support, details and medical information about these conditions.

Design and usability appears to have a well-structured website. It offers super easy and user-friendly navigation. The website also uses a distinctive drop-down design that helps users see everything clearly and orderly. Due to platform’s intuitive design, members can make quick decisions based on their preferences.


The blog is the best section to receive Herpes support. In the blog, you will find HSV singles talking about latest Herpes research, diagnosis, and common issues. If you don’t find a particular topic, then you can create your own blog and wait until other members comment on it.

Final Verdict

What makes MPWH unique from other dating sites is that they are only limited to the HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses. The platform targets specific users. This stigma-free dating app is a great opportunity for HSV singles who can match the ones with the same situation. If you are living with Herpes, and seeking a real relationship, MPWH is the right platform for you. What could be better than this dating site where you don’t need to compromise being yourself, right?

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