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Over 110 million people are living with STDs in the US alone. Globally, this figure increases to 600 million.

Living with a sexually transmitted disease like Herpes isn’t easy. Something as simple as dating because quite hard when you are suffering from an illness. This is when online dating platforms like Positive Singles can come in handy.

Introduction to Positive Singles

Positive Singles is an STD dating platform that was released in 2001. On this platform, you can find people living with STDs like Herpes, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, and Chlamydia etc. They are looking for people in a similar situation as them, to find a partner or friend.

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There are currently more than 1.6 million registered individuals on the platform. With over 60,000 successful love stories, Positive Singles is a hope for many to find their perfect matches. You will find people sharing their life stories and experiences with the audience. Rather than merely being a dating site, Positive Singles also functions as a community. Members can write blogs and participate in discussions on a forum. Moreover, news about the various STDs and access to a counsellor is also available.

Positive Singles is accessible via both website and an app. The app is functional on Android and Apple operating systems alike and allows you to create a thorough dating profile. Its in-depth search engine then will enable you to find your perfect match quickly. To contact your potential matches, Positive Single offers to connect you through instant messaging and email. In case you are not flattered by the match you get and feel annoyed, you can use the blocking tools and privacy options to filter the matches.

Registration process

The registration process is very straightforward. To sign up onto Positive Single, you must first begin by filling out a search form. This is available on the landing page of the website. After filling necessary information, including your sexual orientation, desired age of your partner, country and STD you have, etc., you can select “find my match” to proceed. The STD condition is available to choose from include HSV-1, HSV-2, Herpes, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Thrush, Gonorrhea or Other.

After proceeding to the next page, you are required to create a username and password, enter your name, age, email address and confirm your STD. Other detailed information required includes your height, ethnicity, relationship status, zip code and country. After this step, you can either choose to upload your photo or skip this step altogether. You are then directed to the final page of the process, whereby you are required to write the answers of three open-ended questions. This includes a profile headline, up to 2000 characters about you and 80 characters about your ideal match. This completes your registration process.

After this, it is advised that you first complete your profile by going to your profile. Here, add more information about yourself through the “Edit Profile” tab. You will be asked to fill various optional fields, including questions about your physical appearance, lifestyle and background. You have to answer 15 such questions and also put in the desired answers you would like your match to have. This helps the site incorrectly matching you with the ideal person.


The dating site offers a variety of features to its paid and free users. However, there is a clear distinction and difference between the benefits provided to free users compared to premium users.

Features for free users

You can create an account on Positive Singles for free. Here, your profile can contain all your personal information. You can put up to 27 pictures in your account for others to peruse. When it comes to meeting people and exchanging messages, such users can greet others who they find a suitable match via greetings and winks.

The site also connects you to ideal matches by taking into account an array of parameters. You can write blogs and take part in discussions on the forum pages of the platform. Apart from serving as a dating and friend-meeting website, Positive Singles also tries to play a role in improving the lives of those living with STDs. It does so by allowing people to ask STD-related questions, which are then answered by professionals to ensure the authenticity of the information.

Every week, a given STD-related topic is highlighted. Different people join the discussion to gain and impart awareness about the issue. Apart from STD-related discussions, the platform also focuses on the art of finding true love. As a member, you can post and see first date ideas. You can share your success and inspirational stories with other members to motivate them. To make sure that no scam occurs on the platform, the age, photo and income of every member undergo a verification process.

Features for paid users

Apart from all the features mentioned above, paid users also enjoy various other exclusive benefits. For instance, unlike free users who can only exchange winks and greetings with people they find interesting, paid users can send instant messages and emails. Their profiles are also promoted and highlighted during the search, thereby increasing the chances of finding a match. This is further ensured by showing relevant paid members as recommendations on top of the search result.

Premium users can also upload unlimited photos in their private albums. Rather than displaying it all to the public, here, you can control who can access your collection. Apart from having your STD-related questions answered by professional, paid users also get to have advice from live counsellors.


Here are the significant advantages of using this platform.

Excellent matching system

The matching system is exemplary. It uses various parameters to showcase compatible matches and also recommends members based on its algorithm. This makes it easier to search and find the right match.

Accurate filters

Most people with STD wish to be paired with people having the same disease. Positive Singles has an excellent filter system that allows you to be matched with those having the same STD as you.

Helps improve your dating skills

To help polish your dating game, every user gets a one-on-one dating advisor. When you add this to the active community that shares his/her dating experiences and ideas, it is safe to say that Positive Singles help prepare you for your date.

Laudable privacy settings

The privacy settings are excellent. They are very detailed and allow you to control what information people see about you. You can choose to browse the platform anonymously and also hide your STD condition and only reveal it to those you like.


Even those Positive Singles features an array of advantages; there are a few flaws embedded in the system. This includes the following:

  • A lot of the useful features are only restricted to paid users.
  • You cannot upload videos to your profile or status. You are only limited to adding photos.
  • The app version does not have as many extensive features as the desktop version of the dating site.
  • There is no real-time messaging feature for free users, which significantly hampers the experience.


One of the great things about Positive Singles is the quality of safety and privacy it delivers to all its members, whether they are free or paid users. Since the platform requires quite a lot of personal information of its users, a lot of people might be worried about the safety of their data. To ensure the safety of it all, the platform uses an SSL-certified platform which helps encrypt all the personal as well as financial information shared between the user and the site. Moreover, for increased privacy, the app version lets you set a passcode as well. It also takes various steps to comply with the Digital Millennium Act.

Apart from security and privacy from outside threats, Positive Singles also helps create a safe environment within the dating site. To safeguard privacy as well as the integrity of the users, members can choose to hide their STDs from the public. Moreover, the feature “quick exit” and blocking members allow users to feel safe while browsing the site. You can also choose to browse the dating site anonymously to protect your privacy further.

Final editor’s verdict

Considering the sheer amount of safety features and benefits offered by Positive Singles, one thing is for sure- this is an excellent dating site for all the singles out there who have STDs. The atmosphere provided by the site is very friendly and helpful. You can interact with people like you and potentially find love and friends for life.

The active community of the platform plays an integral role in making it a success. Due to it, the platform doesn’t just function as a dating site but also as a support group. The efficient and accurate search algorithms further prove to be an icing on the cake.

While there are ways the platform can further be improved, the fact remains that what it does offer is excellent. People with STDs who are looking to find love or friendship might want to give Positive Singles a try.

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